Temps forts 2011

March: ICAN office established in Geneva

ICAN sets up a campaign hub in Geneva, Switzerland, to provide campaign coordination for Europe with outreach to the Middle East and Africa. Campaigners Daniela Varano, Arielle Denis and Alexandra Reidon are employed.


25 June: Second Nuclear Abolition Day held

ICAN holds its second global day of action for a treaty banning nuclear weapons, with 140 events taking place in 25 countries. Dutch campaigners produce a short video highlighting the breadth of support for nuclear abolition.


27 June: Meeting of nuclear powers held in Paris

The P5 nations – the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, France and China – meet in Paris to discuss ways to improve transparency in relation to their nuclear weapons. ICAN releases a video challenging them to do much more.


29 June: Desmond Tutu calls for end to “nuclear evil”

In an opinion article penned for ICAN, Nobel Peace Prize-winning anti-apartheid leader Desmond Tutu calls for an “end to nuclear evil”, urging states to commence negotiations without further delay on a nuclear weapons convention.


4 July: ICAN launched throughout Africa

ICAN is launched at a conference of health professionals in Lusaka, Zambia. African campaigners focus on ways to link the issue of nuclear weapons abolition to public concerns about poverty, human rights and climate change.


7 August: ICAN launched in Aotearoa New Zealand

Peace and anti-nuclear organizations in Aotearoa New Zealand come together under the ICAN umbrella. Their aim is to put pressure on the New Zealand government to play an active role in efforts to outlaw and eliminate nuclear weapons.


6 September: First Bombs No More activity held

The first Bombs No More art activity is held in Melbourne, Australia. Members of the public are encouraged to transform a nuclear bomb image into something else, with ICAN campaigners engaging them in a discussion with disarmament.


16 September: ICAN releases “We Can” campaign video

ICAN campaigners from across the globe contribute to a video highlighting that the abolition of nuclear weapons is everyone’s business. Wherever you are in the world and whatever you do for a living, we must all take action for a ban.


17 September: ICAN campaign meeting held in Geneva

More than 130 people from around the world – including many from the Middle East and Africa – take part in ICAN’s first international conference, in Geneva, Switzerland. Campaigners report on their ICAN activities and develop plans for future actions.


4 November: Animation launched to promote a ban

ICAN Norway releases an uplifting animation that encourages people to work to prohibit nuclear weapons. Although biological weapons, chemical weapons, landmines and cluster munitions have already been banned, nuclear weapons have not.


26 November: Red Cross disarmament resolution adopted

ICAN welcomes the historic resolution adopted by the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement in favour of an international agreement to prohibit nuclear weapons. ICAN works closely with several national Red Cross societies.


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  • sheen

    “Si Gandhi et Martin Luther King Jr étaient encore vivant aujourd’hui, ils participeraient à ICAN.”

    Martin Sheen Acteur et militant

  • bankimoon

    “Je félicite ICAN de travailler avec tant d’ardeur et de créativité.”

    Ban Ki-moon Secrétaire général de l'ONU

  • yokoono

    “Nous pouvons le faire ensemble. Avec votre aide, notre voix se fera entendre encore plus fort. Imaginons la paix.”

    Yoko Ono Artiste

  • jodywilliams

    “Les gouvernements disent qu’une interdiction des armes nucléaires est peu probable. Ne les croyez pas. Ils ont dit la même chose sur le traité d’interdiction des mines.”

    Jody Williams Prix Nobel

  • desmondtutu

    “Avec votre soutien, nous pouvons porter ICAN jusqu’au bout – jusqu’à ce qu’il y ait zéro arme nucléaire.”

    Desmond Tutu Prix Nobel

  • herbiehancock

    “Parce que je ne peux pas supporter ces armes épouvantables, je soutiens totalement ICAN.”

    Herbie Hancock Musicien de jazz

  • hansblix

    “Je suis fier de soutenir la Campagne Internationale pour l’Abolition des Armes Nucléaires.”

    Hans Blix Inspecteur de l'ONU

  • dalailama

    “Je peux imaginer un monde sans armes nucléaires et je soutiens ICAN.”

    Dalai Lama Prix Nobel